Human cleric with an impetuous streak. Also, he uses a big hammer.


Human, Cleric, Good, Level 1
Deity – Kord

Noble Bred for War – Weapon Proficiency (Maul)


  • Str 16 (+3)
  • Con 12 (+1)
  • Dex 10 (0)
  • Int 11 (0)
  • Wis 16 (+3)
  • Cha 13 (+1)

AC:16 Fort:14 Reflex:11 Will:16

HP: 24 Surges: 8 Surge Value: 6

Trained Skills
Arcana, Religion, Diplomacy, Heal, Insight.


  • 1: Ritual Caster
  • 1: Action Surge
  • 1: Weapon Focus (Hammer)


  • 1, At-Will: Righteous Brand
  • 1, At-Will: Priest’s Shield
  • 1, At-Will: Sacred Flame
  • 1, Encounter: Healing Strike
  • 1, Daily: Avenging Flame

Maul, Chainmail, Holy Symbol, Backpack (empty), Bedroll, Mystic Salves (Heal), Pouch, belt (empty), Sanctified Incense (Religion), Waterskin, Ritual Book

Gentle Repose, Brew Potion


Tærgus is the oldest of five siblings: four sons and a daughter. His belongs to a noble merchant family, but, as his fiery temperament revealed itself in his youth, his parents fostered his “energetic” personality. Since he was always taller than most boys, he started training early to be a fighter. However, by that time he felt called to serve a greater cause: Kord, the lord of battle. Knowing that attempts to dissuade him would bear no fruit, his parents indulged him. Surprisingly, during his priestly studies, his inner fire mellowed out (if ever so slightly) to everyone’s relief.

Tærgus is a taller-than-average, stockier-than-average young man with fair skin. He lets his blond hair grow long all around, allowing it to fall into his eyes most of the time. When he smiles, which is often, you notice he’s missing a tooth.

When he speaks, he comes across as a very down-to-earth fellow, but by no means simple. His speech is curt and concise, and he sometimes punctuates his sentences by punching his open hand. People who do not know him have been known to refer to him as an oaf, right before noticing that he carries around an enormous hammer, whom he introduces as “Molly.”

Tærgus is ultimately good at heart, and he considers himself an older brother to his friends – even overprotective – once you get past his initial suspicion of strangers. He is an honest person who follows rules because they are made to promote order, even if he has to enforce them himself. He favors action above contemplation. In a tight spot, he gets impatient, fierce, and bold (some would say reckless).

In a way, his bravado has been reinforced by his religious beliefs. At a young age, he felt drawn to worship Kord, the god of storms and strength. What others would dismiss as zealotry, Tærgus sees as reverence.

During the first attack by the Red Hand, Tærgus was pummeled by a band of goblins, coming close to death. He still harbors an unnatural fear of goblinfolk. In an attempt to face his fear and display his strength, he learned how to speak their language.


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